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construction staking
Commercial Surveying

We specialize in many types of Commercial Surveys including the following:


  • Topographic

  • Construction Staking

  • As-built / ALTA

  • GPS Surveying

  • Boundary & Easement Surveys

property line with fence
Residential Surveying

We offer many different Residential surveying solutions, including:


  • Property Line Marking
    (helps with fence installations)

  • Property Boundary Surveys

  • Final (Mortgage) Surveys

  • Property Divisions

  • Boundary Disputes

storm drain culvert
Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering services are too many to list, but some of our primary services are:

  • Subdivision & Roadway Design

  • Residential & Commercial
    On-site Septic Design

  • Storm & Sewer Design

  • Environmental Permitting, Monitoring, & Erosion Control Plans

  • Construction Administration & Inspections

  • Storm Water Runoff Treatment Systems

FEMA flood map
Flood Zone Services

We know how frustrating it is getting that letter from your lender requiring flood insurance when you are 40 feet above the nearest water source.

Our services will determine if your structure is located in a flood zone and if it qualifies under FEMA guidelines for Flood Zone removal. This process is called a LOMA, or Letter of Map Amendment.

We are proud to say we have had success in areas like Lake Harding, Lake Oliver, Lake Martin & many others!

So contact us and let's see what we can do for you!

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